Date of Change Details of Change
11/10/2007 Corrections to SCL2.
12/10.2007 Changes page added.
12/10/2007 Ground Wireless Rogues Gallery converted to a Photo Album
14/10/2007 Corrections to RAFBEA Reunion Page 2007 & Corrections to story CS27
15/10/2007 Added photograph of the Hinari Hangar to Cosford Then and amended border on Joe Meredith's Mug Shot
15/10/2007 Added picture of issue shoe brush to Cosford Then page
15/10/2007 Added page CS44 - Queen's Rules & Regulations
21/10/2007 Added Owen Bartram & corrected entry for John Nabb
26/10/2007 Reported death of 1945407 Alistair (Jock) Steven - Nursing Attendant - 21st October 2007
29/10/2007 Reported deaths of David Butler, Martin Calton & Malcolm Cowburn/
29/10/2007 Added 4 more names to GWM Rogues Gallery provided by John Welch.
30/10/2007 Minor corrections to In Memory section
31/10/2007 Added Ali Chaudhury's and Peter Clears names to In Memory page
31/10/2007 Corrections to GWM Rogues gallery provided by John Welch
06/11/2007 Corrections to Instruments R/G from Pate Pressland
08/11/2007 Added Bill Final's name to Air Electricians RG and Tom Fanning
08/11/2007 Added NADS Reunion - November 2007
09/11/2007 Added NADS Reunion with empty place for Jock Steven
09/11/2007 Added "The Finding of the Malta Spitfire" by Pat Patience, changed title to Stories from Civilian and Service Life
10/11/2007 Added photographs to "Finding the Malta Spitfire"
10/11/2007 Added 3 more pictures to "Finding the Malta Spitfire"
12/11/2007 Changed position of Spitfire recovery and changed and text re: Ian Blair
25/11/2007 Changed all "Stories" to integrate pictures more adequately.
11/12/2007 Added picture from Bill Final to St Athan General Interest.
16/12/2007 Added Eddie Haydon's name to GWM Rogues Gallery.
06/01/2008 "Day out in Tenby" added to St Athan General Interest, plus name corrections to St Athan Air Electricians.
12/01/2008 Death reported of Dick Lowther - St Athan - Air Elect plus his position on Rogues Gallery.
13/01/2008 Death reported of Tony Whitehead - St Athan Instruments.
15/01/2008 Added Keith Boxall's D of E Award to Personal Achievements. Corrected In Memory page.
20/01/2008 Added CS45 - Story of detention before the Detention Centre was built.
25/01/2008 Changed Cpl Porter to Bryan and changed thumbnail size of GWM.
25/12/2008 Corrected John Yendall's date of Death and place. Also added RAF Stations where some died.
19/02/2008 Added Samuel McGugan's death to In Memory page.
19/02/2008 Added "Three Cheers for the men on the ground"
20/02/2008 Added some AWM names supplied by Richard Sharpe.
21/02/2008 Corrected spelling mistake in Three cheers for the men on the ground.
24/02/2008 Added "Taps" sound file to "In Memory".
26/02/2008 Added more AWM names supplied by Richard Sharpe.
28/02/2008 Amended GWM Rogues Gallery, deleted Photographers with help from Derek Perham.
29/02/2008 Created Photographers Rogues Gallery from details provided by Derek Perham.
01/03/2008 Took ? off Cowdell's name.
04/03/2008 Thanks to Pete Pressland, added remaining names to St Athan Instruments. Added 4 pictures to St Athan general Interest.
05/03/2008 Added 3 pictures from John Welch to General Interest page.
08/03/2008 Added Bob Bertram's Blog to Individual Achievements.
10/03/2008 Added Phil Wade's Then & Now photos to the Then & Now page.
28/03/2008 Removed links to Cold War Museum & Spirit of the Air sites.
30/03.2008 Added Paul Roberts - Supplier to In Memory list.
31/03/2008 Added Graham Siggs BEM to St Athan "Individual Achievements and Successes" page.
03/04/2008 Corrected Graham Siggs page.
07/03/2008 Set up Page Properties for Graham Siggs' page. and corrected misspelling of "Successes".
17/04/2008 Added more names to Air Wireless Rogues Gallery, supplied by Jim Hair.
21/04/2008 Added warning to Porn Sites.
29/04/2008 Took Porn Warning off.
03/05/2008 Minor corrections to CS41.
13/05/2008 Added Cosford Xmas Card to Memorabilia section. Sent in by Ron Needes.
18/05/2008 Added Ken Sandercock to Then and Now Page.
19/06/2008 Added BE Memorial Day page to Reunions.
19/06/2008 Added more photographs to Memorial Day page.
20/06/2008 Moved BE Memorial Day to In Memory section.
23/06/2008 Added Bill Lowe's name to "in Memory"  list . RIP.
28/06/2008 Placed latest Press Release details on Inaugural Boy Entrant Memorial Day
02/07/2008 Corrected error in Memorial Day sequence of Order of Service.
29/07/2008 Corrected date of Bill Lowe's death.
04/08/2008 Added names of Nigel Graham, Brian Darton and Les Kennedy to Teleg's Rogues Gallery. Info provided by Robin  Dudley.
24/09/2008 Added 2 names to Air Electricians Rogues Gallery courtesy of Dennis Collins.
29/09/2008 AddedAlex Herd, Dave Newbould, Jim Drysdale, John Welch, Robin Pryer & Ron Needes to Then and Now Page. Plus, corrected spelling on Rogues Gallery for Alex Herd and Robin Pryer.
29/09/2008 Reinstalled WebStyle 4 to fix NavBar problems.
30/09/2008 Added RAFBEA Reunion 2008 and Meeting Jim Smith.
30/09/2008 Added acknowledgement to Craig Hamilton's pictures.
01/10/2008 Added pictures of Joe Meredith to Reunion 2008.
02/10/2008 Added John Swanwick's name to "Meeting Jim Smith".
10/10/2008 Removed 45th Entry from Links section.
16/10/2008 Converted all non-album ARM Rogues Gallery to album.
20/10/2008 Converted Clerk GD, Cooks & Stewards and Suppliers to album format.
22/10/2008 Added details of TG11 Reunion for 2009.
29/10/2008 Added Ian Fortune's Higgins Shield to Certificates page.
04/11/2008 Added Cosford Sports Day to Cosford Sports Page. Sent in by Ina Fortune.
12/11/2008 Corrected spelling mistake in Story CS26.
12/11/2008 Converted Air Electricians Rogues Gallery  to Photo Album.
14/11/2008 Added Peter Savill to Then & Now page.
17/11/2008 Converted Ground Electricians Rogues Gallery  to Photo Album.
17/11/2008 Converted Engines & Airframes Rogues Gallery to Photo Album.
21/11/2008 Converted Telegs Rogues Gallery to Photo Album.
22/11/2008 Added "The Late" to all deceased Boys where possible on the Rogues Gallery.
24/11/2008 Added Ticket to Wolves provided by Peter Savil.
27/11/2008 Added Ian Dewar to Then & Now plus corrected his name on Rogues Gallery.
28/11/2008 Corrected grammar and spelling mistakes in "Cosford Then" POSB and Cosford Tie.
28/11/2008 Added the name of Flt Sgt Hayes to the Air Wireless Rogues Gallery.
29/11/2008 Added Suppliers Shield and correct Keith Sill's name on Hereford site.
29/11/2008 Added "C" Flight ITS - Air Wireless to Cosford Then. Picture sent in by Jim Hair.
30/11/2008 Added three more photographs from Ian Dewar to Cosford Then and General Interest.
01/12/2008 Corrected spelling mistakes on Reunion 2008 page.
09/12/2008 Added Brian Windsor's name to Teleg Rogues Gallery thanks to Dick Short.
18/12/2008 Corrected spelling error in CS42.
26/12/2008 Added pictures from Tony Snaith to Cosford Then, General Interest and Then & Now.
27/12/2008 Added more pictures from Tony Snaith to the Cosford General Interest page.
27/12/2008 Added more pictures from Tony Snaith to Cosford General Interest and Cosford Then.
29/12/2008 Added Teleg Reunions 1991 & 1993 to Reunions section, provided by Robin Dudley..
29/12/2008 Added 4 pictures to Cosford General Interest page provided by Robin Dudley.
29/12/2008 Made correct to Mick Liner's name provided by Willy Johnson. Added Mike Heasman to Then & Now, Added more names to AWM Rogues Gallery supplied by Graham Nicholson.
30/12/2008 Minor corrections to AWM Rogues Gallery from Graham Nicholson.
31/12/2008 Final correction of the year. Corrections to Telegs 1991 Reunion.
01/01/2009 Correction to Telegs Reunions 1991 1993 provided by Dick Short.
02/01/2009 Corrected mistakes in SCL2.
02/01/2009 Added Bob Bertram's name to Telegs 1993.
04/01/2009 Amended TG11 contact URL.
08/01/2009 Added Addendum 2 to CS7 - Beating the Bounds.
10/01/2009 Added Cosford Hangars to Cosford Then.
13/01/2009 Corrected spelling of John Musgrove's name.
13/01/2009 Added Photo from Roger Buhlman - Group of Ground Wireless to Cosford General Interest.
16/01/2009 Corrected Mike Hilbery's name.
21/01/2009 Corrected some spelling mistakes on Memorial Day page.
23/01/2009 Added names to Air Electricians Rogues Gallery supplied by Don Strange.
24/01/2009 Corrected spelling mistakes in CS45.
09/02/2009 Added John Woolcott's name to Air Electricians Rogues Gallery.
10/02/2009 Added St Athan Magazines for Winter and Summer 1962.
11/02/2009 Added Queen Mother's visit to St Athan to Stories section as SA2.
11/02/2009 Corrected spelling of Queen Mother in Stories NavBar.
14/02/2009 Added Story CS47 to Stories section.
15/02/2009 Corrected format of list in CS47.
12/03/2009 Added John Ingram's name to Teleg Rogues Gallery.
02/04/2009 Changed to new Graduation Photographs of Full 44th Entry -supplied by John Swanwick.
06/04/2009 Added TG11 address to Links.
06/04/2009 Removed TG11 Reunion page.
15/04/2009 Added link to 44th Graduation Parade on You Tube.
20/04/2009 Added link to Public Information Films.
25/04/2009 Added Graham Nicholson's AOC Commendation to Individual Achievements section. Added Moral Leadership Course - Conway to General Interest section.
26/04/2009 Correct initial problems with Graham Nicholson's page.
06/05/2009 Added new ARM Grad Picture + Comments on back.
12/05/2009 Added names to Group of Telegs.
20/05/2009 Corrected spelling of Rex Linsley's name.
26/05/2009 Corrected Roy Weaver's name.
27/05/2009 Corrected spelling mistakes in Cosford General Interest re The Late Titch Dady.
01/06/2009 Added Tom Bargewell's Then & Now pictures to the Then & Now page.
13/06/2009 Removed 47th Entry from Links.
19/06/2009 Added Cosford Pipe Band to Memorabilia Page.
05/07/2009 Removed Cosford Piupe Band. Added link to Cosford Old Boys.
12/07/2009 Added piece to CS10 from Don Strange.
14/07/2009 Corrected errors in Story CS8.
12/08/2009 Added Armourers Passing Out and Rogues Gallery.
13/08/2009 Corrected Armourers Graduation, was Set as Airframes.
13/08/2009 Added Armourers at Play to St Athan General Interest.
16/08/2009 Correctly set up Reunions Page format.
20/08/2009 Corrections to St Athan Then.
26/08/2009 Added BE Bevan's name to 2.8 Air Wireless.
31/08/2009 Added 4 pictures of St Athan Armourers at Collaton Cross and 1 of St Athan Pass out.
10/09/2009 Added link to 39th Entry - Cooks and Stewards - Hereford
20/09/2009 Added "Gate Plaque to Cosford" on Cosford Then page.
15/10/2009 Corrected Names spelling mistakes on Suppliers. Malcolm Porter provided details.
16/10/2009 Corrected spelling of Gerrard's name in Suppliers Rogues Gallery.
16/10/2009 Added Malcolm Porter to Then & Now page.
16/10/2009 Replaced Hereford Tie in Hereford Then page with new picture from Malcolm Porter
28/10/2009 Added Boy Entrant Display to the Memorabilia section.
30/10/2009 Added N/atts 2009 Reunion.
07/11/2009 Added 2 more pictures of Cadover Bridge taken recently by Pat Patience.
10/11/2009 Added 2 pages: Careers and Pay Rates provided by Robin Dudly.
18/12/2009 Corrected W Z Tannyan's name to Bill Tannyan.
10/02/2010 Added names of Balfour and Hurton to Gd Electricians provided by Arthur Brown.
11/02/2010 Added Paddy McClean's name to Gd Electricians, provided by Arthur Brown.
15/03/2010 Corrected duplicate identification of David Lyall.
23/03/2010 Changed Paul Haddon's name to Bernie Gately after Bernie's correction.
30/03/2010 Added Alan Moor - Cook - Hereford to Then & Now page.
08/06/2010 Added Colin Taylor to Then & Now Page.
01/11/2010 Various additions to St Athan Graduation/General from Bill Hanks and General Interest from Barry Calcutt.
02/11/2010 Added 7 pictures provided by Barry Calcutt.
10/11/2010 Corrected spelling mistakes in CS7. Added Roy Weaver to Then & Now.
22/01/2011 Details of 50th Anniversary Reunion published on Index page.
23/02/2011 Added Geoff Miller's name to Air Electricians and corrected spelling of Wieczysty's surname.
25/02/2011 Corrected Andy Sinclair's name.
16/03/2011 Added Michael Gardner to In Memory.
24/04/2011 Added RAF Form 798 to Telegs Kit.
05/05/2011 Various changes to Cosford Then.
06/05/2011 Added Mick Beales BEM to St Athan Achievements page.
08/06/2011 Added 6 pictures of ITS supplied by Posbie Olden.
09/07/2011 Corrected the spelling of Dennis Gauthier's surname.
22/09/2011 Correct Bryn to Brian Leese and correct date of death. Remove name of the Late BE Lees from ARM Rogues Gallery.
29/09/2011 Placed advanced news that 50th Reunion will be on site soon. Removed Michael Sharpe from ARM Rogues Gallery due to his attitude at reunion.
02/10/2011 Added Report and Pictures of 50th Anniversary Reunion - September 24th 2011.
03/10/2011 Added Q o V letter to 50th Anniversary page + pictures from Graham Siggs.
05/10/2011 Added 50th Reunion photos from Mick Beales.
07/10/2011 Began process of placing 50th Reunion pictures in order.
09/10/2011 Added more names to 50th Reunion photos, provided by Graham Siggs.
14/10/2011 Added photos from Mack Hetherington to Reunions page.
18/10/2011 Corrected Kelly Calton's name and added "The Late".
20/10/2011 Corrected Story CS11
30/01/2012 Corrected ID on Michael Sharpe.
18/02/2012 Recorded the passing of Mike Hilberry in the Obituaries section.
13/03/2012// Added Compo Rations and Kit to Memorabilia.
14/03/2012 Made corrections to some 50th Anniversary captions.
16/03/2012 Added Graham Nicholson's Rugby cap to his personal achievements page. Added Robin Pryer's Personal Page. Added Eddy Haydon's personal page. Added Stephen Tozer's Personal Page. Added Trevor Sellick's Visit to the UK. Added my own personal page.
19/03/2012 Added Peter Thornburgh's Personal Page.
20/03/2012 Added Mack Hetherington's Personal Page.
21/03/2012 Added Wink Martindales's 1250 to Index Page.
24/03/2012 Added Bill Nichol's Personal Page.
24/06/2012 Recorded Mike Hilbery's passing by amending name of ARM Rogue's Gallery to "The Late".
02/04/2012 Amended RAFBEPA url to
06/04/2012 Added football photo of St Athan team circa 1962/63.
08/04/2012 Added RAF Recruitment advert to "A Career as a Boy Entrant" page.
23/04/2012 Added Clerks Progress/Accounts to Hereford section.
24/04/2012 Added 45th Entry to links. A truly awful web site.
10/05/2012 Added My Travels.
16/11/2012 Reported death of Barry Calcutt.
26/01/2013 Reported death of Rod Mole.
08/02/2013 On "In Memory" page, corrected Mick Taylor's trade to Air Radar and added Bob Lohrie - Air Radar.
10/02/2013 Added Stuart Major's name to In Memory list.
14/02/2013 Added 4 pictures from Bill Asty to St Athan General Interest.
26/02/2013 Fixed problem with "Home" button. Problem was on "Working Page".
04/03/2013 Added Michael Wieczysty's name to the "In Memory" page.
06/03/2013 Increased Graduation Picture size of Suppliers. Corrected spelling for Willie Johnstone.
10/03/2013 Corrected Rick Abbott's name.
11/03/2013 Added 3 more pictures from Bill Astry
28/03/2013 Changed Graduation message.
03/04/2013 Added news that the reunion was a great success.
04/04/2013 Added Ken Goodwin's name to Air Electricians Rogues Gallery.
04/04/2013 Added 50th Graduation Reunion picture to front page.
09/04/2013 Added 50th Graduation Reunion Photo Album to site.
10/04/2013 Added Graham Sigg's narrative on reunion.
12/04/2013 Corrected some formatting errors on 50th Graduation page and added Page 2 of photographs.
13/04/2013 Added two more pictures to Graduation Reunion Page 2 from Graham Nicholson and Don Strange.
16/04/2013 Added more pictures from Peter Thornburgh to his personal page.
22/05/2013 Added more pictures to Reunion file, Hippo Hughes and Jim Doolan.
23/05/2013 Added Ian Fortune's name to "In Memory" page.
16/11/2013 Reported the death of Paddy Graham - St Athan - SEW in December 1964.
16/11/2013 Changed RAFBEA link to
20/11/2013 Updated details on the 2014 Reunion.
26/01/2014 Added death of Terry Page -Telegraphist - 25th January 2014
11/02/2014 Change to remove hacked hyperlinked word on the In Memory page. Bastards.
28/02/2014 Changed link to Cosford Old Boys as old site defunct.
28/06/2014 Added death of David Flood - Hereford - Cook to "In Memory", changed notice for reunion on August 1st and 2nd.
29/06/2014 Prepared site for 3rd Annual Reunion - 2014.
16/08/2014 Added in Group photograph for 2014 Reunion.
17/08/2014 Changed titles on Reunion 2014 pictures to Reunion 2014. Added Dave Gordon's Name to "In Memory" list.
18/08/2014 Added more captions to Reunion 2014.
19/08/2014 Added more pictures to Reunion 2014 Album and amended page layout.
20/08/2014 Added Graham Siggs' report on the Reunion to the 44th Reunion page.
21/08/2014 Corrected Robin Dudley's name on photo 92.
24/03/2015 Added Robin Fairweather's name to the "In Memory" list following his sad death on March 15th 2015.
30/04/2015 Removed Reunion 2014 photo and replaced with Reunion 2015 notice.
14/06/2015 Removed details of 2015 Reunion, now cancelled.


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